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Crusher KM-45

  • Crusher KM-45 is specifically designed to crush unshielded ceramic automotive catalysts blocks.
  • With the capacity up to 50 kg and using chains this crusher is able in less than ten minutes convert the catalyst block to a suitable enough material for fines for XRF analysis
  • Combined with the reliable Italian made "Motive" 11 kw engine it guarantees the most productive work in your site
KM-45 Catalyst Crusher

Model: KM-45

Principle of operation: Chain crushing
Dimensions of the device (H x W x L): 150 x 120 x 156 (cm)

Dimensions of the chamber (H x diameter): 150 x 80 (cm)
Weight: Neto: 933 kg
Motor: “Motive” (Italy); P=11 kW
Power specifications: Directly driven 380 V / 50 Hz
Volume: ~500 liters
Loading weight: 1-50 kg
Milling cycle: 10 min
Maximum speed: 3000 rpm

Particle size: After 10 min of crushing: 50-60% of material <125µm

Additional features: Latch-fixed cover, Filter equipped air vent, Slot for sample collection, Electro-mechanical lifting of the chamber for powder spilling, Electro-magnetic vibrator for unloading the material, Ability to control the milling process from the operator’s desk, Timer  

Warranty period: 12 months

Production: Lithuania

Certificate: CE

Delivery terms: EXW Kaunas
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